New to Scuba Diving

If you're interested in Scuba Diving but aren't sure it's for you then why not join us for a Try Dive it's ONLY £5.00 or £10.00 pp if part of a group experience. Our fully qualified instructors can introduce you to the trills of diving in the safe environment of buxton swimming pool.


At Buxton sub aqua club we can take you through the BSAC training programme with our friendly, fully qualified instrutors up to the level of advanced diver

Diving Syllabus Click links Below

   Try Dive   Ocean Diver   Sports Diver   Dive Leader   Advanced Diver

All training is under the supervision of a qualified instructor, ratio of 2 students : 1 instructor.


Annual club fees £50.00
BSAC fees £59.00
Pool fees £4.00
Lecture fees £4.00
Kit hire Sports Diver £10.00
    "       Ocean Diver £20.00
    "       Dive Leader £30.00
Individual items £5.00
Courses - at cost  Plus any BSAC fees


 Click here to download HIRE FORM  

The club can also offer other training related to BSAC  courses, e.g. Oxygen Administration, Boat Handling, Nitrox; A.E.D. contact us for more information.